Good Food makes a picnic great!

The Good Neighbors Picnic provides a full picnic fare for all of our guests, volunteers, and sponsors. Our goal is to feed over 1,000 people this year. The food is always great and the stories are moving.

You can help with:

  • Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Buns
  • Side Salads, Veggies
  • Individually Wrapped Bags of Chips
  • Desserts
  • Sodas, Bottled Water
  • Utensils, Plates, Napkins, Cups, Tablecloths
  • Condiments, Ice, Coolers, Plastic Wrap, Foil, and Sandwich Bags
  • Grills and Charcoal

Download complete Food Wish List HERE

Cash helps us extend our picnic and clothing efforts tremendously!

All donations are tax-deductible.

Send your check payable to:

Good Neighbors of Central Ohio Inc.
PO Box 16311
Columbus, Ohio 43216

If you have questions please contact William McCulley via email at

Don’t know what to give? Click below to learn of tax-deductible opportunities by clicking on the specific links below:

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Donate a Gift for Children
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Want to donate your time and efforts?

Click HERE to sign up online and help at the picnic.

“Extraordinary people make an extraordinary event happen! Thank You!”